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 prompt; o4. dark

series; homestuck
pairing; daveterezi
disclaimer; nahh son
notes; alright gonna try to start making these longer but idk if i can, also if updates for this stop starting in november it’s because i’m doing the nanowrimo! so yeah i’ll still try to update this but nano takes presedence
also! after sburb au again~



You spent a lot of the time in the dark, nowadays. You didn’t turn the lights on very often, and you were still getting used to the sun again instead of being on a meteor hurtling through space. But more then that, Terezi had you walk around with a blindfold most of the time.

She said that she missed being blind, and insisted on walking around wearing that red blindfold she had, since it was also all she had left of her glasses. To give her something to do, you told her that she could teach you how to be blind. Terezi, of course, was ecstatic to be able to teach someone else of the ways that her mother had taught her. So, here you were, stuck in the dark for most of your day.

Though if you were honest with yourself, you didn’t mind it very much. It was nice to feel so connected with Terezi, especially after what had happened with douchelord juggalo clown on the meteor. Once you had lost Bro, you thought you had lost all ability to be connected with someone. Then Terezi came along, and you felt at peace with yourself for awhile. After the two of you had your falling out, you didn’t know if you would ever be comfortable with letting someone in. Rose was a wreck, which didn’t help anything at all, since you felt that she was your last lifeline.

The whole meteor experience really fucked you up, you think.

You heard Terezi tell you good morning, and you felt your chest swell up.

As long as she was there, helping you, you were never really in the dark.

You smiled.


notes; super cheesy and not much longer yeahhhh did not get what i wanted from this oh well
but yeah i never atcually explained what this is going to be did i??? well this is an anthology of daverezi oneshots, some go together and some don’t. it’s going to be 1oo chapters long, all of varying length and point of views. smiley face.

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