o2. bare

Jan. 13th, 2014 08:49 pm
radgamerlatula: (yakari)
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 prompt; o2. bare

series; digimon
pairing; yamatohikari
disclaimer; still not mine.
notes; i’m seriously getting pumped for nonowrimo so fyeah



It always scared you when you saw him like this. You knew it happened, you knew he wasn’t exactly what one would call stable (though, you couldn’t say much better for yourself), but actually seeing his mental breakdowns was very different then acknowledging them.

He was crying, and you were hugging him, and you couldn’t help but feel special. You knew that not even Taichi or Takeru, his beloved baby brother, had seen him like this; that you were the only one he’d let in like this. Sometimes, he couldn’t take things. He was still torn up about his parents divorce, how he made little to no effort to be close with Takeru, how he had hurt Sora and Taichi, his two best friends in the world. He always felt that he had to take the world on his shoulders, all by himself, and you hated it.

While you felt privileged to see him so bare, to see him without his walls up, you wished it could happen in a happier way.

But more than that, you wish you could make his pain go away. If you could have anything, you told him, would be that you would be able to take his pain from him.

He smiled, through his tears, and clutched onto you.


notes; i imagine them having such a cute relationship omg

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