o1. past

Jan. 13th, 2014 08:51 pm
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 prompt; o1. past

series; digimon
pairing; yamatohikari
disclaimer; nope.
notes; i have way too many prompt tables going on but i’m fucking CRANKING THESE OUT TODAY FYEAH



You remembered when Hikari was just Kari to you, and she was Taichi’s little sister. You remembered when she was half your size and you thought of her as a kid sister. You remembered when she was full of innocence.

But that was in the past, you thought, as you stroked her hair.

You can’t believe that you had ended up with your little brother’s best friend. It’s been three months since you asked her out, and you couldn’t believe you didn’t do it sooner. Hikari was…Hikari was smart, and pretty, but not the in your face kind of pretty. She was the girl next door kind of gorgeous, and you loved that about her. She was funny, and kind, and most of all, she knew you. Not the lead singer of The Teenage Wolves, but you. The Child of Friendship.

In the past, you would’ve thought you and Sora would’ve stayed together for longer then six months. The two of you knew you weren’t good for each other, and were better off as Taichi’s best friends, but you thought you could make it work. The break up was mutual and wasn’t hard, though, which was helpful for your friendship.

In the past, you assumed that Takeru would end up with Hikari, or maybe even Daisuke. You knew Tai was routing for one of them, but you’re still not sure which. But nobody expected you to end up with the Child of Light.

Well, nobody except Miyako and Mimi. But they were girls. They didn’t count.

"I love you," she told you, smiling up at you from her place tucked into your arm.

You smiled at her, letting yourself be free. It was really the best feeling. “I love you,” you replied, and you got those stupid butterflies in your stomach. Three months later, and you still got them around her.
If you were to go back in time to a year ago, and someone were to tell you that you would be in a committed relationship to Hikari Yagami, you would’ve laughed in their faces, and told them they could be a comedian.

But the was the past, and you’re glad the future was different then what you expected.


notes; whoop whoop i’m getting pumped for the nanowrimo yeahhh!

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