08:28 pmNSFW

scar tissue

08:43 pm

o2. i was wrong about you

08:45 pm

o5. wish

08:47 pm

o4. darkness

08:49 pm

o2. bare

08:51 pm

o1. past

08:53 pm

o3. woods

08:54 pm

o2. spell

08:55 pm

o1. beginnings

08:57 pm

o4. i'll take you out though i'm hardly worth your time

08:59 pm

o3. i hope the air will serve to remind you that my heart is as cold as the clouds of your breath.

09:00 pm

o2. i’ve got no place in my heart for a criminal like you to dwell.

09:01 pm

o1. he was the poet, while she was the muse

09:02 pm

o1. you were right about me

09:05 pm

iyotp po1

09:12 pm


09:13 pm

wrong and right

09:22 pm


09:24 pm

daverezi standalone

09:25 pm

(not) in love

09:28 pm

(not) whipped

09:30 pm

guilty as charged

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