o2. spell

Jan. 13th, 2014 08:54 pm
radgamerlatula: (daverezi2)
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 prompt; o2. spell

series; homestuck
pairing; daveterezi
disclaimer; not mine.
notes; second anthology piece lesgo



"Alright, then, I’m the mighty dragon!", she called out, somehow still excited about this. You wanted to smile, but instead only sighed. You can’t let her see your feelings, that would be terrible. Bro would never forgive you for that.

"You’re always the mighty dragon. Shall we begin?", you asked, humoring her. To tell the truth, you enjoyed the roleplay sessions with Terezi, but you could never let her know that. She nodded in agreement, and she took her place to where the two of you had determined The Cave.

You took a deep breath, before standing up. You brushed off your god tier pyjama pants, and pulled your make shift wand out of your pocket. “I, the magical Magician Knight, have been sent to find and kill the mighty dragon. I will now use my tracking spell to locate said dragon. Ka-me-ha-me-ha!”, you shouted, holding back a laugh. Terezi cackled loudly before coming out of The Cave.

"It is I, the mighty dragon Redglare! Who dares challenge me?"
It always made you so happy to see how into this she got. You loved making her happy, but she’d never know.

"The magical Magician Knight, I have been sent here to kill you," you deadpanned, not allowing yourself to get too excited. You’ve always loved playing make believe and fairytale games. You never got the chance when you were younger, so this was exciting for you.

"Then fight me!", Terezi roared, and tackled you.

You wish you could get up the nerve to tell her you loved her.


notes; whoop whoop

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