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 prompt; o1. beginnings

series; homestuck
pairing; daveterezi
disclaimer; not mine.
notes; i gotta get in the daverezi mood for the nanowrimo mannnnnng
also this is an au; but idk if every one shot in this anthology will be


You were in kindergarten when you first met her. You were forced to sit next to her when the teacher took attendence, the only time of the day you had assigned seating. The first two weeks, you were afraid to talk to her because she scared you. Apparently, you didn’t scare her, though, because after that two week grace period she decided to seek you out while you were drawing.

"Hello," her voice reminded you of nails on a chalkboard. Ten years later, that still hasn’t changed. "My name is Terezi Pyrope," she grinned, revealing a mouth full of teeth, even at age five, reminded you of a shark.

You nodded, not speaking out of fear. You already knew her name, you heard her say she was there every single day at school. You wanted to tell her that you weren’t an idiot, but your older brother Dirk told you not to use the words you hear around the house at school or he and Roxy would get in trouble.

She paused, waiting for your response. Once she realized that you weren’t going to tell her your name, she scowled, slightly discouraged. “Are you too cool to talk?”, she asked you, and you let a small smile slip out.

She decided this was an appropriate response, and began to draw with you.

You became friends with the odd, sharp girl soon afterwards. That was the beginning, though, and the story continued since then. You and Terezi Pyrope are still best friends, she still calls you Coolkid lovingly, you still only let her draw with you, and you still think she’s descendant of a shark. But some things have changed.

Like the fact that instead of thinking of TZ as only your friend, you fell in love with her.

Like the fact that instead of wanting to say that you aren’t a fucking idiot, you know you’re the biggest idiot in the world. Nice going.


i’m reely excited for this guys

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