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 prompt; o4. i’ll take you out though i’m hardly worth your time.

series; digimon
pairing; yamatohikari
disclaimer; not mine.
notes; CURRENT OTP LESSGO gotta writewritewrite b/c nanowrimo is soon gotta get in the mood of writing whooooo



You stood outside the familiar apartment, fixing your hair with your trusted comb. You knew the apartment as well as you knew your own house, probably better to be honest. Yuuko had been more of a mother then your mother had ever been, and that pained you to admit. You berated yourself for your nervousness.

You’re Yamato Ishida. You don’t do nervous.

You’re a rockstar, a popular guy. You’re a bad boy who cares about his appearance almost as much as his friends. Nervousness isn’t for you; nervousness is for regular guys, you told yourself.

So you took a deep breath, and rung the doorbell.


You found yourself having a fantastic time, loving every minute of the time spent with the girl holding your hand. You found yourself grinning at her, stealing glances to catch her stealing them back, and wishing the night would never end.

What you didn’t find yourself doing was understanding how.

You were out with Hikari Yagami, the Child of Light. The image of innocence and, well, light. You had treated her to a nice dinner and now you were buying her a strawberry and cherry ice cream bowl, at the place a few minutes from her house. You were making her smile and laugh, and she was holding your hand.

You couldn’t wrap your head around it. You never thought she would agree, and while you were happy as all hell that she had, you felt unworthy of her time.

And maybe, you’d always feel that way. Maybe you’d always feel like you weren’t good enough for the girl, three years your junior, your brother’s best friend and your best friend’s brother. But somehow, you felt that Hikari wouldn’t let that happen.



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