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 prompt; o2. i’ve got no place in my heart for a criminal like you to dwell.

series; homestuck.
pairing; daveterezi. of course.
disclaimer; do not own.
notes; alternate universe/au. humanstuck. i seriously love atl shoot me



"This is wrong, Dave," you heard her practically snarl at you. You smirked at her small frame, and thrust inside her, hard. Sighing, you savored the moan she emitted from her lips.

"I’ll stop if you really want me to," you told her, and began to pull out. You weren’t worried, though, you knew what her reaction would be.

Shrieking, she pulled you back inside of her, and started doing all the work for you. Moaning, your mouth found your way to the nape of her neck and you bit hard. Terezi nearly came right then and there, and you relished in how she felt underneath you. Good, so fucking good. The two of you came together shortly after your lips moved away from her neck, and you rolled next to her on the bed.

"I shouldn’t keep doing this," she muttered to the wall, after a few moments of silence.

"Why don’t you turn me in?" you wondered, genuinely curious. You were a wanted thief, she was a high budget detective. Both of you were painfully aware of what the two of you should be doing, and it did not involve Detective Pyrope coming over to your place for constant casual sex.

She didn’t appear to have heard you, as she continued talking to the wall. “I’ve got no place in my heart for a criminal like you.”

While you knew how unfortunately true that was, hearing it out loud still stung. But you were Dave Strider, and she was Terezi Pyrope. And that meant every time she got a night off of work, she would make her way to your place. And every time you knew that she was taking a night off, you would wait for her. The two of you were somehow supposed to be together, you could feel it. It wasn’t destiny, it wasn’t that the two of you were soul mates — no God was that cruel. It was more like your souls knew each other.

And unfortunately, your souls weren’t ready to let go of each other yet.


notes; i really like this idea i might come back to it at some point goodbye

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