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Jan. 13th, 2014 09:05 pm
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 prompt; “Imagine your OTP trying to hold hands in public for the first time, only to get so embarrassed that the best they can do is link their pinkies.”

pairing; yamatohikari
series; digimon
disclaimer; do not own
notes; i saw this prompt and i just. it’s so perfect this is adorable okay let’s go this is my fourth time writing digimon i got this



You are walking to lunch with him, and you’re not quite sure whether those butterflies deep in your gut are from nervousness or excitement. This is the first day that he has agreed to being open about your relationship, and you couldn’t be happier. The two of you weren’t sure if it was such a good idea, but now that all the important people know — important people being Takeru and Taichi — he figured that there was nothing to lose.

You’re laughing with him, talking to him like you normally do, but there has been no Public Display of Affection yet.

And to be honest, that’s really bothering you.

You decide that if he’s not going to make the first move, you’re going to have to. You brush your hand against his, to see if he gets the message or not. This results in both of your faces turning pink and halting your conversation. You sigh tiredly. This was not what you wanted! You wanted to hold his hand, like a normal couple.

You wonder if he’s scared, like you are. You’re Hikari Yagami, the good girl. Innocent, pure, good grades, never stay out past curfew kind of girl. You’re Light, after all. And he’s not. He’s a rock star, all the girls love him, the classic bad boy with a twist of Friendship somewhere in there. He’s always been scared of his reputation, and you wonder if that’s the problem.

You smile knowingly, beginning to understand his hesitence. Instead of using words, though, you link his pinkie with yours, and you think maybe, that might be okay.

He doesn’t move to take it back.
notes; aww cuties i’m gonna throw myself off of a bridge goodbye

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