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 summary; think we’ll get hitched someday?

series; homestuck
pairing; dave/terezi
disclaimer; do not own
notes; oops i’m really sorry about this



"Think we’ll ever get hitched someday?" you ask, Texan drawl creeping up on your voice. You’re nervous, and though you don’t show it, you know she knows. You’ve always been bad at emotions, you think.

She tilts her head to the side, reminiscent of a dog or some shit, and you know she’s thinking about it seriously. It’s been three years, seven months, eleven days, two hours, and twenty seven minutes since you all beat that god forsaken game, and restored Earth. As former Knight of Time, you still haven’t lost the ability to be a human watch. And as for the former Seer of Mind, she hasn’t lost the need to think about every goddamn thing you say to her.

As she contemplates the idea, you do, too. You think about your shitty three room apartment and how it morphs into a shitty two family house, you and her on the top floor. You picture twins, with your blond hair and her pointed, candy corn horns. Shades graciously adorned on each, one boy and one girl.

You stop yourself right there, because even in your own mind you are terrified to become sentimental.

"Why can’t we right now?" Terezi questions you back, her voice as sharp as nails. Just like the rest of her.

When you first met her, the Alternian accent was awkward and demanding compared to yours. She pronounced things weirdly, not sure where to put the emphasis on the alien tongue. Though that was years ago now, her accent has not gotten any better, as she still speaks Alternian regularly.

If you were an honest guy, you’d tell her that you love her accent.

You chuckle lightly at what she replied with. “Are you sayin’ that you wanna run away with me, Rez?”

She looks at you, and you attempt to press down the guilt when she actually sees you. Back in the game, when the two of you had been broken up, she had her eyes healed. Though she has told you many times that it wasn’t because of you, you feel guilty. Her blindness was important to her. You remember the time Karkat and you had attempted an intervention while she was hate dating Clown Face. She hates herself and you can do nothing for her but take the blame on yourself.

"Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying, coolkid." You want to smile at the nickname that, even though you are no longer a child, continued to stick. But the rest of her statement has your eyebrows raised above our shades.

You almost answer seriously, before stopping yourself. Three years since you’ve been safe and you still refuse to let go of your mask. You need it like the petite alien next to you. You need them like oxygen.

You’re halfway through making some crackpot joke when she whacks you on the arm. You know that means she wants a real answer.

"Alright, alright, jesus fucking christ Rezi," rubbing the bruise she left, you sigh heavily, attempting to gather courage.

"Will you run away with me, Dave?" she prompts, like she’s not asking you to skip town on a whim with her and leave everybody else behind.

After the game was over and Earth restored, you all felt out of place as the technical gods among this world. All of you picked a city (New York, of course, thanks to the Lalondes) and moved, refusing to separate. You suppose it made sense, as a lot had changed because of SBURB.

For one thing, you were now afraid of the dark.

For another, you couldn’t sleep alone anymore.

You looked your companion in the eye and you knew you couldn’t say no to something she wanted. She was your everything, your lifeline. While the others that survived were important to you, nobody understood you like Terezi Pyrope understood you. Nobody listened to you like Terezi Pyrope did. Nobody put you back in your place like Terezi Pyrope.

"Let’s get down from this roof, girl, and pack our shit up. We’ll roll tonight."

And when she grinned at you, her too sharp teeth poking out, eyes adorned with admiration and happiness, you knew you had made the right choice.



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