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 summary; oh, how the mighty have fallen.

series; digimon
pairing; yamatohikari
disclaimer; do not own.
notes; oh god i’m making this a twoshot i should be ashamed. continuation of (not) whipped, for the record



Something has got to be wrong with you, you think. You’ve been feeling his eyes on you for the past week and a half and you don’t know how much more you can take. You’re not used to this attention, at least not from him. There have been a few guys interested in you, but none even come close to him.

You smile at him as you pass him in the hallway, wondering if he knows that he is the cause. You feel kind of weird, seeing as your best friend is his little brother, but you can’t even help yourself. Does that make you a bad person, you wonder? You hope not.


You’re constantly worried that he’s not doing any of it on purpose, and he still thinks of you like his best friend’s kid sister. You frown at the idea. You’d hate that, since you’ve begun to see him as so much more then just your best friend’s older brother, or your older brother’s best friend. You’ve begun to see him as his own person.

His own, incredibly attractive person, might you add.

The days where he flats out jokingly flirts with you are the worst, though. Those are the days that make you feel like just another one of the girls that follow him around, that he smirks at and winks at just for fun.


Takeru invited you over to his house today, sensing that you were really stressed out. He’s the best friend you could’ve ever asked for, and you are so happy knowing that he’s got your back. Once you’re at his house, you fall onto the couch and just break down.

"Takeru," you say, tears starting to well up, "I think I really like Yamato."

He sits next to you, sighs, says he knows, and you can’t even help it. You start bawling on his couch. He rubs your back affectionately, and tells you that it’s okay. That’s all you need to hear.

You’re so wrapped up in your own emotions, you don’t even hear the object of your affections come in and slowly take his leave.


At lunch the next day, Takeru decides that the two of you are going to make a plan to win Yamato’s affections. You snort, not believing that anything will work. The glare you receive is half joking and half serious.

"Hikari, if I’m going to help you with this, you’re going to have to do this my way," he says with a smile on his face. You can’t help but laugh. You’re so glad you have him as a best friend. You voice these thoughts.

"I do what I can," he says, and you can hear the almost brotherly love in his voice.


The two of you had decided that Takeru would talk to Yamato about it, try to see how he feels or thinks. Any insight would be good, you both thought. After coming up with a way to talk to him about it without seeming suspicious - “I’ll say I’m talking about friends of mine! It’s perfect!” “That’s so lame, Takeru.” - he practically sprints out of your house, claiming he’ll be back as soon as he can.

After forty five minutes of waiting in agony, your best friend comes back with an apologetic look on his face. You groan as soon as he sits down next to you. You know that look.

"You couldn’t do it, could you?"

"It just felt so weird!" he says, as if that was a good enough explanation. "Don’t worry. I’m almost positive he feels the same way about you, anyway."

You really hope he’s right.


You’re walking in the hallway on your way to lunch when you hear a familiar voice. “Hey, Hikari,” he says, complete with a gorgeous smile. You swear you felt your heart skip a beat.

You attempt a smile and think it’s decent enough. “Hey, Yamato. What’s up?” You vaguely wonder if he can tell you’re freaking out right now. You really hope you’re hiding it well.

Did he just take a deep breath? You barely have time to wonder before he speaks. “I was wondering if I could come over later.”

You pause, assuming he means for Taichi, and think about his schedule. Damn, he has a game today. “I’m sorry, I think Taichi’s going to be at a game today. I could have him call you when he’s done, if you’d like?” You’re very impressed you’ve managed to get this far in the conversation without stuttering. You think you should definitely tell Takeru about this accomplishment.

You see him shake his head. “No, I mean to hang out with you,” his voice comes out a little strained, but you don’t really pay attention to that. Instead, you look at him, curiosity on your face.

"You want to…" you pause, giving yourself a minute to mull over his words. You gasp, without meaning to, as your face gets hot with a blush.


You wonder if it’s crazy to assume that he sought you out this morning, as he shoots you a grin. You feel yourself get weak at the knees, but you grin right back to him. You muster up your courage and walk over to him, hoping you seem a lot more confident then you feel.

You tell him that you had a lot of fun last night, and thank him for coming over. He thanks you right back, and you feel a blush coming on. Thankful for the parting of your ways, you practically sprint over to Takeru to tell him all about this new encounter with his older brother.


You’re hanging out with Takeru about a week or so after your hang out with Yamato. You’re doing your homework when hewalks in through the door, looking a bit awkward. Takeru, bless his heart, write you a note in your notebook.

Want me to get out of the way for a little while? I’d be happy to.

You nod vigorously when you’re sure Yamato’s not in sight, and give him a grin. He responds with a grin of his own, a wink, and two thumbs up. He shouts out some lame excuse about forgetting something at school and floors it out of the apartment, leaving you alone with Yamato.

He slides himself next to you and you can feel the butterflies in your stomach already. “So, how’re you doing?”

You try to calm yourself down a bit before responding. Stuttering is never very attractive. “Alright, I think,” you reply, once you’ve calmed down your nerves, “Yourself?”

"I’d be better if we went somewhere soon," he replies and you feel your heart start sinking. There’s the Yamato that thinks of her like another groupie, you grimace inside. To save yourself from the embarrassment of saying that out loud, you choose to giggle instead.

"If you could bear to do such a thing, maybe we could go get ice cream soon?" he continues, this time sounding much more sincere, hopeful, even. You feel a genuine smile come to your face. This is the Yamato that you like to be around. You make a mental note to tell him one day that you like him much more when he’s real.

"I think I could do that."


You love your friends, you really do, but sometimes they can be so…childish. The six of you are out for pizza, enjoying the freedom of after school. Daisuke and Miyako are causing a scene and Takeru is just laughing, leaving Iori, Ken, and you to awkwardly sit there. You and Iori never liked attention very much, and while Ken didn’t mind the limelight, he liked it much better for positive things.

Not, his girlfriend and best friend throwing pizza at each other, while another friend laughed loudly. Choosing to ignore them, Ken turned to you. “How are things with Yamato, Hikari?” he asks, incredibly polite despite the awkward situation. “Have you talked to Taichi about it yet?”

You freeze as you remember that your beloved older brother and sort of boyfriend thing are alone together right now, ignoring the fact that they’re best friends. “Shit,” you mutter under your breath, grabbing your jacket. Your five friends look up at you, their confusion evident.

"Uh, I’ve gotta go, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!" you shout on your way out, hoping that Taichi hasn’t killed Yamato yet.


You see his band mate approach him in the hallway, but you don’t think either of them have noticed you. If they had, you’re sure, Yamato would be carrying your books right now. You blush at the thought. He’s been so sweet to you lately. You’re so glad that Takeru convinced you to go for it. You really do like being around him.

You hear Yamato reschedule band practice, which seems odd to you. If there’s one thing you’ve learnt about Yamato, it’s that he really cares about his music. “Admit it, Yamato, you’re totally whipped for Yagami,” he tells him, and you feel your entire face heat up. You must look ridiculous, standing in the hallway, beet red, but you can’t help it. Whipped? For me?

You can’t see his face, but you know Yamato is disagreeing. At this, you laugh quietly. Of course he is. His friend, on the other hand, laughs in his face. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” he jokes, and you smile to yourself in your little corner of hallway.


It’s on your fifth outing with Yamato that you decide to finally ask. The question had been plaguing you for days now and you wanted to get it off your chest. “Are we dating, Yamato?” you ask, looking into his eyes. They reminded you of the ocean, or the sky on a perfect summer day. They were such an amazing blue. You never wanted to stop staring at them.

He shrugs, trying to hide his obvious blush. Realizing that you’ve got to be leading this conversation, you blush as well. “I’d like to be,” you say softly enough you’re scared he hadn’t heard.

In the moments before he answers, you’re so scared that he’s going to say no, or that he only thinks of you as just a friend. You really like him, you realize, you like him much more than you thought. You like how he talks, how he’s real with you. You like how his brain works, how he sees the world. You like so many different things about him, you don’t know what you’d do if he said he didn’t feel the same way.

"Yeah, Hikari, I’d like that, too," you hear his reply, just as soft as your previous statement, and all of your worries melt away.

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