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 prompt; unlove you o2. i was wrong about you.

series; digimon
pairing; yamatohikari
disclaimer; nope.
notes; it’s been awhile since i’ve worked on these prompts oops.



You were outside, his arm was around you, and you were laughing as the two of you shared an ice cream cone. He was making dumb jokes about the people that walked by, and you were adding the snarkiest comments you could think of. It was a little cold, but somehow you didn’t want to move.

You were really, really enjoying your first date with Yamato, you noted happily.

You glanced over to see him quickly turn back to the crowd, and you giggled. “I was wrong about you,” you told him, a smile on your face.

This caught his attention, and he coked his head to the side in what you assumed was confusion. “Are you saying I’m not intimidatingly attractive and a great musician?”

You laughed again, which surprised you. Things seem to come so easily when you were with him, you noted. “No, silly,” you took a deep breath, unsure of how to say this without offending him,”I meant like,” you paused again. He kept silent and allowed you time to think. “Like, I used to be kind of afraid of you?”, you told him, unsure of yourself.

Yamato looked like he was about to laugh, but refrained, and for that you were grateful. “You were afraid of me?”

"Well, yeah," you felt the heat of your blush burn your cheeks in the cold, "you’re my brother’s best friend besides Sora and back when we first met you had…", you trailed off, unsure of how to say that his anger fits terrified you when you were a child.

He caught the gist of it and smiled sheepishly. “I had a temper and that scared you,” he filled in. You nodded.

"Yeah, more or less." You were embarrassed to be telling him this, but he didn’t seem to mind. Quite the contrary, he looked pleased that you were opening up to him.

"Well," he told you, pulling you in closer, "I’m glad I don’t scare you anymore."



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