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 summary; You had always had a knack for trouble, but you didn't think you'd have a knack for befriending Legendary Pokemon. -Lyra, and how she met the legendary pokemon.

series; pokemon ; heart gold / soul silver.
pairings; small hints of silverlyra and redlyra, if you could even consider them that.
disclaimer; do not own!
notes; okay so it always weirded me out that you, the player character, would always end up catching these magical legendary pokemon who nobody had ever seen before. like, what the hell? so this is going to have a (most likely) drabble chapter for each legendary you can catch in hgss - pretending the games are one. i hope you enjoy!


o. prologue


The first time you encountered a legendary pokemon was very early on in your journey. Your Cyndaquil, Cherry, had just evolved into a Quilava recently, and you were so proud. Mareep, Amphie, was one level away from becoming a Flaafy, and your Togetic was getting up to a fair level as well. Pidgeot and Wooper were doing quite well themselves, and overall your team was coming along nicely. So far, the only unpleasantness on your trip had been from Silver, who you'd battled twice now. Even though he had only been rude to you thus far, you knew he had something else deep down. You just hadn't figured out what yet, unfortunately.

On top of all of that, you had three gym badges to show for your hard work. You had only been on the road for about a month now, so you thought three gym badges was a perfectly reasonable amount. You knew deep down that if you were ever going to catch up to your idol, Red, that you were going to need to speed things up a little, but for now you were enjoying things as they came.

Which is how you found yourself in Burnt Tower on your first evening in Ecruteak city.

You had been planning on challenging the gym the next morning after a good night's rest in the Pokemon Center, but someone had told you to check out the Dance Theater. You figured why not, and with Cherry closely by your side you went in.

When you had gotten there, you had seen an awful sight - a member of Team Rocket harassing one of the dancers. Immediately, you jumped into action. You had beaten them before and you would do it again, easy.

Cherry had sweeped his whole team, and fled soon after. The woman thanked you, but it had been no problem. You hated seeing people or pokemon in trouble and wanted to do anything you could to help.

Come to think of it, that attitude you had might be why the events that had happened later that night had happened.

The woman told you to take a look around at the two towers in Ecruteak, and of course the Burnt Tower peaked your interest immediately. Your mother and Ethan had always told you that you had a knack for trouble, and you weren't one to argue that point.

So you had climbed the rugged stairs and opened the door with as much grace as you could possibly muster.

There had been two strange men there, immediately on your right when you had walked into the tower. Before going over to them with a smile, you and Cherry had taken the time to really look at the Burnt Tower.

You could see why it was called that, you remember musing. There was a huge whole on the floor you were on, giving you viewing access to what looked like the basement. You couldn't see much from the entry way, but it looked like there were pokemon down there. You shrugged. That wasn't really surprising, pokemon tended to be everywhere.

You and Cherry then walked over to the man closest to you, giving him a bright smile.

"Hello!" you had called out, sending him a wave. "My name is Lyra. May I ask what you're doing here?"

He looked at you, surprise evident in his expression. He proceeded to give you a very long speech about how he, Eusine, was going to track down and capture the elusive legendary dog, Suicune. You had kept up a bright smile the entire monologue, genuinely interested in what he had to say, no matter how many times he repeated himself.

From the conversation, you had found that the three legendary dogs of Johto were in the tower currently - Suicune, the water dog, Entei, the fire dog, and Raikou, the electric dog. Your lips formed into a giant grin when he had told you that. As soon as he said he was going to continue prepping himself, you and Cherry had a muffled conversation.

"So, would you be okay with going downstairs, Cherry?" you asked her, quietly as possible as to not disturb the legendaries below.

"Lava, quil!" was her whispered response, excitement showing all over her face.

"Great! Let's head down, then." The two of you nodded at each other, and began looking for the ladder down.

After an impromptu battle from Silver, who of course left in a rush after his defeat by you, you headed downstairs.

The best way you could describe it was magical. You saw the three of them, sleeping peacefully as soon as you climbed your last step down. Cherry had nearly fallen off of your shoulder in sheer awe of the raw power they possessed.

The moment did not last for long, though. As soon as you made a step to get closer, you saw them each open there eyes instantly. You had gasped, and faltered backwards, as they all rose up onto their legs.

You could feel the tension that their power brought in the air, and you were almost brought to tears at the fact that they were so close to you. At that present moment, it was most definitely the most important moment of your entire life thus far.

And almost as quickly as they had noticed you, two of the three had vanished. You vaguely registered Eusine in the background, calling out for Suicune, but didn't bother turning around. Raikou and Entei had fled, off to who knew where, but Suicune...

Suicune jumped right in front of you.

Its gaze locked onto yours, and you were frozen in place. Not with fear, but amazement. Cherry didn't even breathe for those few moments, when the legendary beast of water was what had felt like staring into your soul.

That too ended quickly though, and before you could adjust yourself to Suiune's harsh eyes, it was gone, fleeing after its counterparts. You could hear Eusine breathing heavily behind you, but still you didn't bother to turn around. You had slowly brought your right hand up to your arm to pinch yourself, to make sure that this wasn't a dream.

It wasn't.

You rubbed your arm as you finally turned around to greet Eusine. He took a deep breath before telling you that it seemed that Suicune had taken some sort of liking to you, and you like to think that's when things in your life started to get really weird.


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