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 summary; You had always had a knack for trouble, but you didn't think you'd have a knack for befriending Legendary Pokemon. -Lyra, and how she met the legendary pokemon.

series; pokemon ; heart gold / soul silver.
pairings; small hints of silverlyra and redlyra, if you could even consider them that.
disclaimer; do not own!
notes; second chapter! gonna try and do these daily guess we'll see how long that lasts. in any case, i'm going by the order i caught the legendaries in my game of soulsilver - and then i'll be doing the event legendaries and the player character's event with celebi. anyways, enjoy!


o1. lugia


The next time you met a legendary pokemon was months later, and life had been going pretty well for you. You had beaten all eight gyms in the Johto region, you felt like things with Silver were starting to finally smooth out, and the team you had dreamed of ever since you were little was finally coming together.

Cherry had evolved into a typhlosion a long time ago, and you were incredibly proud of your first pokemon. Amphie was still a little mareep in your mind, but in reality she was an incredible powerhouse of an ampharos. Somewhere along your journey you had been gifted an eevee, and the two of you decided on using a water stone to have Nixie become a vaporeon. In a bug catching contest you had joined out of boredom one lazy morning, you had managed to catch a scyther, who quickly joined the ranks of your formidable team. He was now a scizor, and surprisingly sweet with you. After your fifth gym battle, Ethan had offered a trade - you catch a vulpix, he'd give you a growlithe. You had easily accepted, as you had wanted an arcanine since you were a little girl. That little growlithe pup was now your big fluffy arcanine, who was the one of your only pokemon not to have a nickname, along with scizor. You liked to call him Fluffy, though, and you don't think he minded too much. And finally, you had the newest edition to your team, your beloved dratini. You had caught him after being allowed into Dragon's Den by Lance, Clair, and the elders in Blackthorn city, and you were incredibly proud of yourself for being allotted to have such a rare pokemon. You felt even more pride, though, at the fact that the team you had dreamed was finally a reality.

You were on your way to the Indigo League when you were told to come to Ecruteak to meet with the Kimono Girls. You were thrilled at the idea, and returned your typhlosion to call out your arcanine.

"To Ecruteak!" you told him with joy in your voice. You had no idea what they wanted, but you were excited to find out.

Whatever you had been expecting, though, it was not that you were to battle all of them and their eeveelutions to see if you were fit to seek out Lugia, the guardian of the seas.

You had taken it in stride, all things considered, and battled the dancers easily, giving all of your pokemon a chance to shine. The Kimono Girls then decided you were to go to the Whirl Islands and track down where Lugia was residing, as you were the one.

You had no idea what all that meant, but you were always up for a challenge. You sat on Nixie as she surfed across the ocean to the islands, until you felt your heart pull you in certain directions. Totally guessing the majority of the time, you somehow made your way deeper into the caves until you came face to face with an elderly man.

"Hello!" you greeted him with your usual cheer, even though you were quite clearly confused as to what he was doing there.

He immediately reacted and asked if you had something called the Silver Wing. With a moment to dig through your bag for the special case you had kept it in, you pulled it out with a smile to show him. He let you through, though you were now even more confused as to why it mattered so much.

You shrugged, telling Cherry to get back into her pokeball as you would probably be surfing around more, and then called out Nixie. You were correct in your assumption, and ended up surfing around for a bit longer.

You found a small island, and something in your heart told you this was where you needed to go. You told Nixie where you wanted to be heading, and she took you there easily. You got off of her, returning her to her pokeball with a big smile and thank you, and you pulled out Cherry once again.

You were about to greet your best friend, when you noticed an odd expression on her face. You looked to where she was looking, and you realized why she had such an odd expression on her face.

There, about three hundred feet in front of you, was Lugia, the great sea guardian, looking at you peacefully from his little pond.

You shivered, disbelief stretching across your face.

Have you come to catch me, young Trainer? A voice echoed in your head, and you looked around in even more confusion.

Confusion really seemed to be your expression today, you thought sourly, as you continued to try and figure out where the voice was coming from.

As a legendary pokemon, young one, I can speak directly into your mind, the voice said again, with what sounded like a chuckle after it.

"Lugia?" you questioned. "You're talking to me?" You'd be the first to admit, you were completely dumbfounded. You had dreamed of becoming a pokemon trainer ever since you were a little girl. You remembered watching League matches on your TV at home with your mother, helping Ethan with Professor Birch's research whenever you could. When Red became Champion, you remember rewatching his League matches over and over again, wanting to be just like him. The way he commanded his pokemon with a silent confidence was amazing, you remembered thinking, and you remember him becoming your idol.

But never in your life did you ever think that a legendary pokemon would be talking to you.

Yes, young one. What is your name? The powerful voice spoke in your head, studying you intently from its pond.

"Lyra Soul! I'm not here to catch you," you tacked on with a rush, but it wasn't a lie. You didn't really want to catch any legendary pokemon. They had important jobs, and you would hate to be the cause of upset balance in the way the world run because you wanted a stronger team.

You're not? Lugia asked, amusement tinting its tone.

"No, of course not! To be honest, I didn't even think you'd be here," you told the giant bird like creature. Cherry began to relax, settling down near your feet. "Do you mind if I take a seat and kind of just," you had paused, unsure of how to finish you sentence, "look at you for a while? You're kind of amazing," you said to the pokemon.

You're very kind, Lugia told you in what you had thought to be appreciation. Other trainers have tried to capture me before, but to no avail. Nobody has ever wanted to just sit in my cavern before.

"That's so sad," you whispered, but Lugia caught it.

I sense great compassion from you, Lyra Soul. You are permitted to come here anytime.

You looked up in surprise. "Do you really mean that?"

Lugia chuckled again, and you liked to think it was because it found you amusing. Yes, I do, child. You have shown me great kindness.

You liked to think of you and Lugia as friends, at this point in time. You had never bothered to try and capture it, though the two of you had come to be what is normally looked at as trainer and pokemon. Lugia often flies around Johto with you, and likewise, you often visit the guardian of the sea in its small cavern that you have come to love.


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