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 summary; You had always had a knack for trouble, but you didn't think you'd have a knack for befriending Legendary Pokemon. -Lyra, and how she met the legendary pokemon.

series; pokemon ; heart gold / soul silver.
pairings; small hints of silverlyra and redlyra, if you could even consider them that.
disclaimer; do not own!
notes; and the third! oops sorry this is about fifteen minutes late omfg i totally forgot. i have a friend over and he's a big gay and i've been p distracted. oh well. that means you technically get two chapters today so yay i guess? also this one is kind of short oops i'm sorry about that too. i just. i do not have that many feelings about entei i'm sorry sad face. anyways, enjoy!


o2. entei


Throughout your journey, you thought you had seen Entei multiple times. Be it hiding in wild grass or in mountain caves, there were times where you and your pokemon would undoubtedly feel the presence of the legendary dog of fire.

It had been a week since you had met - and sort of befriended - Lugia, and you had been busy at work training your now dragonair Teeny for the Elite Four. The rest of your team, you thought, was ready. Cherry was awaiting the big battle as patiently as she could, which wasn't very patiently. Amphie and Nixie were content with the relaxation they had been having as of late, often times just laying around as they watched dragonair hard at work. Scizor and arcanine, on the other hand, were with Cherry on this one. They were irritated and restless, constantly sparring, wanting to battle someone that they couldn't just sweep.

You were amazed with the pokemon you had trained, and how far they had come since the day you had caught them each. Your heart swelled with pride every time someone asked to see your trained card, or asked to battle you. Your dreams were finally coming true, and you couldn't be happier.

It was another day of restless pokemon and hard work for dragonair when something shuffled behind you. Assuming it to be a wild pokemon, Cherry jumped in front of you ready to attack anything that might harm you.

You were thinking it would be a wild pokemon, but not a wild legendary pokemon. Cherry faltered, unsure whether to attack or to step back. You were positive that Cherry was stronger than Entei at this point in time, but it was still a legendary pokemon. They still possessed an abnormal amount of raw power that even if a pokemon was stronger, they still could not compare in the long run.

Tell your typhlosion to stand down, I mean no harm, a warm voice that you could only describe as fatherly rang out in your head. Nodding dumbly, you directed you attention onto Cherry.

"Cherry, its okay. Entei doesn't want to battle right now," you told your faithful starter, and the effect was immediate. Cherry almost instantly dropped the flames rising on her back, and dropped on to all fours to show peace.

Entei recognized the sign, and bowed its head slightly, before walking closer to you. You didn't dare turn around to check on how your other pokemon were fairing with this sudden drop in, but you strained your ears to hear them all breathing very shallowly.

Hello, Lyra Soul, the voice echoed in your head again, and once again you found yourself comparing it to what a father would sound like. It's nice to meet you properly.

"But why would you want to do that?" You exclaimed dumbly, not even bothering to ask how the dog of fire knew your name.

Legendary pokemon seemed to have a trend of finding you amusing, as the beast chuckled. You're very, it paused, seemingly pondering what wording to use, different, it finally decided on. You're very different from other trainers that have tried to seek us out.

You flushed a bright scarlet reminiscent of a certain red eyed trainer you knew. "I am?" You felt so stupid, constantly asking the fire dog to repeat himself, but you didn't know what else to say. Besides a quick thank you that you tacked on, you weren't really sure how to respond. You weren't used to getting all of this praise, as your mother and you were more friends than a strictly parent-daughter bond.

Yes, quite. I can see why Suicune has taken such an interest in you. You have much more respect for us then the fool who always chases us around, he told you, but his tone was not angry. You figured you should tell the good news to Eusine, the legendary dogs didn't hold his downright stalking against him. He'd be overjoyed.

You and Entei proceeded to have a lovely conversation, the topics stretching to many different things. You spoke of how you trained your pokemon, and the fatherly dog gave you approval for your methods. You gave the beast some apricorn juice, he told you stories of Suicune and Raikou. Cherry and your arcanine were the only two comfortable with him by the end of his visit, most likely due to their typing.

At this point in time, Entei resides in the basement of the Burnt Tower, and you make a point to visit him at the very least once a week.

You always bring him apricorn juice.


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