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 summary; You had always had a knack for trouble, but you didn't think you'd have a knack for befriending Legendary Pokemon. -Lyra, and how she met the legendary pokemon.

series; pokemon ; heart gold / soul silver.
pairings; small hints of silverlyra and redlyra, if you could even consider them that.
disclaimer; do not own!
notes; oops sorry this is nearly late i've just been playing so much pokemon x lately i haven't even remembered that i should be writing ahaha. i'm trying to breed shinies right now and it's living hell but you probably don't care oops. by the way, i'm doing this in the order i caught the pokemon in my current play through of soul silver, so i'll get to everyone in time! in any case, again, sorry this is so short, and enjoy!


o3. raikou


You had just reached Victory Road the next time you came across a legendary pokemon.

Your pokemon were ready, you felt. Cherry was probably the most ready of all of them, which was no surprise to you. Your first pokemon had been in your party throughout your entire, nearly yearlong journey. She was your best friend, and in return, she was incredibly loyal to you. Your typhlosion has done amazing things during your journey, and you think it's because of the strong bond the two of you shared. You didn't even need to speak to command her anymore, she just knew what you'd want her to do.

The rest of your pokemon were also ready, which is why you had even taken them to the Indigo League. Amphie and Nixie had a much more silent appreciation for being where they were, as you had all of your pokemon outside of their balls to give them all pep talks. The electric type and water eeveelution were gently appreciative of the fact that you thought they were strong enough to be there, while scizor and arcanine were acting the same as Cherry - loud, rambunctious, and overly pumped up to be challenging the Elite Four. Teeny, who had finally evolved into your goofy dragonite, was a mix of the two extremes. While you could tell he was very excited to be where he was, he wasn't going crazy like some of your other pokemon.

You had just returned everyone save for Cherry into their balls when something jumped out at you, startling the volcano pokemon. Cherry growled, clearly not expecting any wild pokemon at the moment. Not that you could blame her, you hadn't even gone through the entrance of the cave yet.

Lyra Soul? A voice echoed in your head, and you halted the command at your lips.

In front of your typhlosion stood the legendary dog of lightning, Raikou.

This was too much for the past two months. Three legendary pokemon talking to you inside your own mind? You shook your head to collect your thoughts, before responding.

"Y-yeah, that'd be me," you stammered, and Cherry immediately stood down. She recognized not only just the pokemon, but also the tone of voice that you decided to use.

Good, a hearty chuckled sounded in your head. Entei told me that you do not wish to catch us. Is that true?

You nodded, your pigtails whipping in the air. "I wouldn't want to mess anything up," you told the yellow pokemon, slightly bashful of your reasoning.

Raikou nodded, content with your answer. You nervously took a seat next to the legendary beast, and did the same thing you did for its counterpart: you offered it some apricorn juice.

Raikou drank the juice quickly and happily, reminding you of when Fluffy was just a growlithe pup. You giggled and leaned into Cherry, who was drinking her own bowl of apricorn juice. You liked to always have a lot with you for your pokemon, even though Kurt could make you some awesome pokeballs with the apricorns you found.

The rest of the day passed similar to how things went with Entei. You and Raikou talked about many different things, and found that you enjoyed each other's company quite a bit. This time, it was Amphie who felt more comfortable with the legendary dog, your hunch about it being type based proven right.

Now, you and Raikou are quite close friends, but not quite as close as you and Lugia are. The legendary beast of lightning resides in the basement of Burnt Tower with Entei, and as with its counterpart, you made a point to visit once a week.


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