o3. woods

Jan. 13th, 2014 08:53 pm
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 prompt; o3. woods

series; homestuck
pairing; daveterezi
disclaimer; nu-huh.
notes; after sburb au. enjoy! i’m enjoying this anthology.



When SBURB had ended, you had all ended up on a new version of Earth. You weren’t really surprised by this, but you knew Terezi was pretty banged up about it. So when the two of you were looking for a house, you decided to get one in the woods, so you could build a treehouse so she’d feel more at home. You figured that would be a good present for her.

Now, the two of you were sitting in the treehouse, silently looking out in the woods. You were staring at the scalemates that Terezi had hung in the neighboring trees, claiming it was more like home this way. You figured it sucked enough that not only did she have her eyesight but she couldn’t go back to her home planet and let it slide.

"You know," she said uncharacteristically quiet, "I really appreciate that you made me a treehouse. That was really," she seemed to struggle for the right word, "nice of you."

You held in your smile and put your arm around her. You knew this couldn’t be easy for her, and you wanted to help her. You got your planet, your Bro, and you knew this world. She got, well, you.

"Do you want to buy a pet lizard?", you asked, trying to find something to make her more comfortable. You felt so guilty. Somehow, you just knew that it was your fault Earth had been restored instead of Alternia, though you weren’t complaining.

She gave you her infamous shark tooth grin. “Yeah, I’d like that.”


notes; super sappy daverezi whoop!

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