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 summary; oh, how the mighty have fallen.

series; digimon
pairing; yamatohikari
disclaimer; do not own.
notes; [ridiculously photogenic guy laugh to the melody of you don’t know you’re beautiful plays]


You don’t know when it started, and quite frankly you are ashamed of yourself. You are a rock star, not some love sick kid freshman like your brother. The girls you’re supposed to be attracted to are leggy and tall, confidence bursting, probably a year or three your elder. They’re supposed to be the in-your-face kind of hot that almost everybody finds attractive. Not the girl next door kind of adorable that she is.

You seek her out every day in the halls, just to smile at her. You come over when you know that she knows that you know that Taichi’s at still at football practice for another twenty minutes, just to be alone with her. You come home early from band practice when you overhear Takeru invite her over to your place. You go out of your way, every time you can, just to see her smile.


You’re constantly worried that she’ll notice something is up. You pretend to flirt with her like you do with every other girl, but you can’t keep it up. Something is just different with her. It’s like you can’t even help it. She just makes you want to be better.

It’s when you get thoughts like these that you have to take a reality check and realize that no, she is not your one and only. You are not even dating her. Actually, you’re almost positive that your little brother has been trying to do that for about six years now. And god knows you’d never take his happiness away from him.


She’s over at Takeru’s one day after school, so of course you leave band practice early. Your band mates are jokes anyway; they don’t take it even half as seriously as you do, though that’s beside the point. You practically run all the way from school to the apartment you’ve learnt to call home. It pleases you that Takeru has also started to come over there regularly, and not just because he brings Hikari with him. You love your little brother, and even though he’s in tenth grade now you’re still very protective over him. Much like Taichi is with Hikari, you muse.

When you finally get to the door, brushing your hair with your fingers to make sure it’s just so, you think you hear crying. You jiggle the key through the lock just as quick as it is clumsy, and open the door into your familiar apartment. However, you are not happy with the sight that greats you.

Your eyes soften as they land on Hikari, crying loudly into her hands, as Takeru rubs her back. It doesn’t seem like they heard you come in, so you decide to leave her to Takeru for now.

You do your best to ignore the jealousy burning in your gut as you slip back through the door.


What is her problem!?” Taichi near screams at you one day at lunch. You ask him what he is referring to. Did he mess something up with Sora again, or is his mother in one of her, ah, moods?

"Hikari," he says, nodding over to where she’s sitting. You notice that she’s not smiling, which is odd, because she’s usually smiling. "Something’s been up with her; she came home looking like someone died last night. But she won’t tell me what it is!"

You know from experience that Tai is unusually close with his younger sister. While incredibly protective over her, they also confide in each other much more then any siblings you’ve come in contact with. Including you and Takeru, and you like to think that the two of you are quite close.

You think back to the previous night, where you walked in on an intimate scene between her and Takeru. You relay your thoughts to your best friend. “Maybe something happened with my little brother?” you question, and the words taste sour in your mouth.

He pauses, looking at your two siblings sitting next to each other, and it’s quite obvious he disagrees. “What could be up?” you hear him mutter.


You’re sitting in your living room strumming a few chords on guitar when Takeru comes in, panting. You look up to see him staring at you.

"Yamato," he says to you, "we need to talk."

You nod, not showing your confusion. What could he need to talk to you about that he ran all the way home? Does it have to do with Hikari? You scowl. Why are you even thinking about her right now?

"What’s up, little bro?" you ask as he sits down on the couch next to you.

"Well, there’s uh…" Takeru struggles, trying to figure out wording. "Say, I had this friend. And he had a friend who he liked."

You groan inwardly. You can already see where this is going, but you decide to hear him out anyway. What kind of brother would you be if you didn’t?

"And this friend that likes this friend-that’s-a-girl has a brother, and…" he trails off, again seemingly trying to figure out wording. You wait patiently, eyes never leaving his face. He shakes his head. "No, no, I can’t talk to you about this. Sorry, Yamato," he gives you an apologetic look before telling you he’ll be on his way.

You, on the other hand, are confused as all hell. What just happened?


Though you are still thinking about the weird conversation that was held with Takeru, you decide you’re going to ask to spend time with Hikari. You haven’t been able to stop thinking about her as of late, more than usual. It’s quite pathetic really; you’re supposed to be a rock star. You have hundreds of girls at your school alone that would probably pay you to make out with them, and yet none of them hold the appeal of the younger Yagami.

You rack up the courage when you see her walking in the hallway that day at school. “Hey, Hikari,” you say with an easy smile. You’re almost ashamed at how easily you relax around her, but you’re not surprised. All of the original Chosen have a special bond with each other, and though Hikari came later on you still have that ‘hey-we-saved-the-world-together’ thing going on.

She looks up at you, surprised. She flashes a smile nonetheless. “Hey, Yamato. What’s up?”

You take a deep breath before continuing. “I was wondering if I could come over later.”

She pauses, to think. “I’m sorry, I think Taichi’s going to be at a game today. I could have him call you when he’s done, if you’d like?”

You shake your head, feeling your courage fleeting. “No, I mean to hang out with you,” you say as calmly as possible. You attempt to keep your cool, really, you do. You’re Yamato Ishida. It’s in your nature to be cool. But even you can’t help the slight blush that creeps up onto your cheeks. What is she doing to you?

Hikari looks at you curiously. “You want to…” she pauses for a moment, and you stay silent until she fully realizes it. Though you were prepared for how awkward this could be, having it happen in real life is kind of…hurtful, almost. She gasps, a small “oh!” escaping from her lips as her face turns bright pink.


You see her again the next morning in school, and you shoot her a grin. If Hikari was like other girls, she would probably wink at you or giggle with her friends. But Hikari isn’t like the other girls you’ve tried to date, and when you send her a grin she grins right back and starts walking over to you. You take a few deep breaths, trying to prepare yourself, not wanting to admit that she makes you flustered.

She tells you that she had a lot of fun last night, and thanks you for coming over. You respond with your own thank you, and then you part to go your separate ways. For the rest of the day, you don’t even try to fight the small smile on your lips.


Takeru comes over with Hikari about a week after your first official hang out with her. You almost feel awkward around your younger brother, and you get the feeling that he thinks it’s hilarious.

About halfway through them doing their homework while you sit in the kitchen, Takeru says that he forgot something important at school and promptly walks out. Leaving you alone with the girl that you can’t get out of your mind. “So,” you say, sliding onto the couch next to her, “how’re you doing?”

She thinks about it for a few moments. “Alright, I think. Yourself?”

"I’d be better if we went somewhere soon," you reply smoothly. There’s your old Yamato charm. You missed being able to do that around girls. You felt like it’s been so long.

Hikari giggled slightly, as you continue with, “If you could bear to do such a thing, maybe we could go get ice cream soon?” You almost want to slap yourself for how hopeful you sound. So much for that Yamato charm.

"I think I could do that."


You’re hanging out with Taichi at his apartment, Hikari’s out with Takeru, Miyako, and that crowd, and everything seems to be going pretty well. Until Taichi starts asking questions.

"So, I heard you went out for ice cream with my sister the other night."

This is a conversation you did not want, but you’ll be damned if he realizes that. “Yeah, it was fun,” you reply as nonchalantly as you can.

Taichi stares at you for a good, long few minutes before replying again. “Okay,” he says evenly, continuing to game as if he hadn’t said anything in the first place, leaving you incredibly confused once again.


You would not admit it. You would not say it, nor would you even think it. You’re Yamato Ishida. This is not supposed to be possible for you. You didn’t even think it was possible for you. You were not whipped. Definitely not. You could stop thinking about Hikari whenever you wanted to. You did not feel the need to carry her books for her around school, buy all of her food, take her out for dessert, or any normal couple things. You did not have any of those urges, you swear.

If only everybody around you would believe you. “Admit it, Yamato, you’re totally whipped for Yagami,” your drummer tells you when you inform him that you’re rescheduling practice again. You frown, disagreeing with him. You can’t be whipped. Can you?

He laughs in your face at your blatant disbelief. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”


It’s on your fifth date thing with Hikari when she asks you. “Are we dating, Yamato?” She looks at you, her eyes brown, speckled with red. You could swear that they sparkled. You stop staring at her eyes when you realize, hey, she probably wants an answer.

You shrug, pretending she doesn’t notice the blush on your face. She, too, blushes, when she continues to speak, seeing as you won’t answer. “I’d like to be,” she says softly, with barely any confidence.

No, Hikari Yagami is not your usual at all. She is not tall nor is she leggy, she is not confident. She is three years your junior, and while she is attractive, she is not in your face hot. She’s the kind of beautiful that you don’t notice at first, a homey kind of pretty, with her pretty crimson brown eyes and short locks. She’s very much so the girl next door that you’d never thought you’d fall for, and yet here you are, tripping over yourself to make her smile.

"Yeah, Hikari, I’d like that, too."

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