o5. wish

Jan. 13th, 2014 08:45 pm
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 prompt; o5. wish

series; homestuck
pairing; daveterezi
disclaimer; not mine.
notes; here we go againnnn, this one is super angsty like wow.



You took on wishing as a nightly ritual after about a week into your stay at the meteor. It wasn’t like you had a specific thing that you wanted to wish for, you changed it up every night. But right before you closed your eyes to sleep, every single night, you’d make a wish.

You wished for lots of things, like to survive the game, and to see John and Jade again soon. You wished that Rose, your ecto sister, would be alright. You wished that Terezi would survive along with you. You wished for some pretty dumb things, too, in retrospect, like to perfect your rap the next morning, or to finally make some delicious aj.

When Terezi started to show more of an actual interest in you, and not just joking flirtatiousness, you wished that the two of you could hurry up and get together. When Karkat became a moping mess because the two of you were a thing, you wished he’d get over it already.

And so when Terezi started becoming distant and avoiding serious conversation, you wished that things would go back to normal. Of course, they didn’t, and you realized that she was doing something that she figured you wouldn’t like.

Rose can tell you all she wants that in their culture this was a normal thing, but you refused to compensate. You didn’t care; in your culture, people didn’t see other people — or psychopathic juggalos, for that matter — in relationships without at least talking about it. Going behind your back like she was, that was considered cheating in your culture.

So the two of you broke up. It’s been two weeks since it happened, and you pretended that everything was cool. But every night, after taking off your shades but before closing your eyes, you wished that Terezi would break up with the fucking clown and come back to you.



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